Resurrection: The Feminist Perspective


Is a series of large scale paintings exploring “every woman” or every woman’s existence in our current culture.  These paintings are metaphors about the circumstances that still exist in womens lives even though we have worked tirelessly from the first wave of feminism in the late 1900’s, the 1930,s, again in the 1960,s and now in 2012 we are facing extreme possibilities that women may not have control of their own bodies. Every day there is destructive language on the airwaves, hate language directed toward women (and the men who speak out for them) who demand control of their bodies and equal rights as citizens of our country.

I have completed twenty large scale paintings in this body of work and my goal is to find a venue to bring them to the public.. I have been an exhibiting artist since 1960 (my first museum exhibit).  In 2014 I will have my eightieth birthday and want to welcome that decade with a public statement that is still radical feminism.

You can hear three lectures by going to and click on events.

Emptying Out

Goddess Heart

Goddess Under Grass

Flower Goddess


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